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Create stunning cross platform mobile apps. Add over 25+ prebuilt snap together features using our easy to use app builder.

  • Easy to Customize

    Our platform makes making changes to your app a breeze. Add new content, features, images, change colors to engage your users and match your brands identity. Update your app in real time!

  • Cross Platform

    Build mobile apps for Android, IOS, and Windows. Use our platform to publish the app into the app stores and share your app with the masses using built in promotional tools.

  • Publish & Share

    Build mobile apps for Android, IOS, and Windows and publish your app. Then use our built in promotion tools and landing page to promote your app to the masses.

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Powerful CRM.

Use the DigitekIO CRM to better streamline engagement with your customers.

  • Contact Tracking

    All your customer's details in one place.

  • Email Automation

    Automate email templates to be sent.

  • Email Templates

    Use our powerful built-in email template creator to create stunning HTML emails. Auto insert customer data dynamically into each email before sending.

Build Apps For Free

App Features.

18+ prebuilt features to engage your users.

Build Apps For Free

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Build Apps For Free

Our Platform.

Simple and easy to learn interface. Get starting building your app today!

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